A Living Taxonomy


Book Design & Binding

The things I keep

A Living Taxonomy is an exploration of self and personal tendency. It takes an objective and non-judgemental look into my propensity to keep and attach sentimental value to objects that I’ve acquired over the course of my life. These objects serve as memory triggers, physically preserving and holding onto my past, thus taking that burden off of my own mind. The goal of this endeavor was two-fold: to create a sense of mental and physical organization as a means of personal cleansing, and to make a visual statement validating the feelings and tendencies that almost everyone experiences to some extent. In a way, these objects define my life’s timeline, allowing my vague emotional memories to be given a concrete reference, both physically and temporally. They represent people I know, places I’ve been, and emotions I’ve had.

8" x 9", 2014


Fold-out timeline at back of book

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