Re: lunch plans?

“And while nothing would make me happier than to finish out my time here on earth without speaking to or interacting with a single one of you, it’s been ‘suggested’ by HR that I offer my colleagues some sort of ‘warm’ gesture that doesn’t involve ‘accidentally’ changing a number of your desktop backgrounds to a ‘low-resolution’ ‘image’ of my ‘butt,’ or else I’ll be ‘let go.’”

Nihilism is Doing Amazing Things for my Anxiety

"It allows me to pluck myself from inside my own head where I am constantly entangled in a mess of frazzled neural connections. Now, instead of thinking about everything all at once, I just think about everything all at once and also my mortality. It really puts things in perspective."

Houseplant or the Guy You’re Casually Seeing?

  1. Needs water to survive

  2. Doesn’t do well in direct sun for long periods of time

  3. Thrives on attention and care

  4. Maintains a decidedly intentional lopsided power dynamic by ceasing to respond to your texts mid-conversation